CD Projekt Offers The Witcher: Enhanced Edition For Free To All GOG Galaxy Users

CD Projekt Offers The Witcher: Enhanced Edition For Free To All GOG Galaxy Users
Credit: The Witcher

GOG Galaxy actually has a bit of a good thing going for it right now; the ability to organize titles across all of the platforms so you aren’t shifting between different storefronts and launchers on your PC while you’re solving the existential crisis of gamers everywhere: what do I play?

Brought about through CD Projekt, the same studio behind (what a coincidence) GOG, the DRM-free platform that offers a wealth of titles that can’t be yanked from your library after you purchased it thanks to a lack of anti-tamper practices that many have argued are anti-consumer at the heart.

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This is also the same CD Projekt behind CD Projekt Red, the creator of the video-game adaptation franchise of The Witcher along with a little-known upcoming title of Cyberpunk 2077 that has the world chomping at the bit to experience the dystopic future without actually being stuck in the hellscape.

Yet CD Projekt is looking to encourage more users to explore GOG Galaxy, much as the Epic Games Store has been attempting to encourage people to scope out their PC storefront by giving away free titles to anyone that is willing to download and install the application on their PCs.

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Yet while EGS has made a few enemies in the industry, namely on the side of the fans, by purchasing last-minute exclusivity deals that were otherwise promised to other platforms (and already had store pages up), CDP has no such smudge on their record.

If anything, the Polish studio has become heralded within the PC gaming industry as being pro-consumer and offering heaps of content for comparatively cheap prices.

The Witcher 3 released a heft of free content packs for owners to explore, content that is typically marked as cosmetic microtransactions in many other titles.

Further, their expansions offered to The Witcher 3 were just that: expansions that brought content forward in new and exciting directions rather than feeling as though they were removed from the base game for the sole purpose of up charging consumers.

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Coincidentally, that reaches into what CD Projekt is currently offering: the original Witcher that has been upgraded to be less of a sore when playing through, and all you need is to have GOG Galaxy installed on your PC to experience the original adventures of Geralt and his no-nonsense murder of monsters and ne’er do wells.

You will be able to make use of mods with this title, using a website such as NexusMods: there are currently almost three hundred mods available for The Witcher, most of which will work with the ‘Enhanced Edition’ with little to no fuss on the side of the user.