The Survival-Horror Game Blair Witch By Bloober Team Is Now Cheaper Thanks To GOG Halloween Sale

The Survival-Horror Game Blair Witch By Bloober Team Is Now Cheaper Thanks To GOG Halloween Sale
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

Halloween is just a couple of days away now. The youngsters are prepping their bags for this year’s candy stash, the grownups are decorating their houses, and gamers are enjoying some frightful games. There are a lot of great ones to enjoy just before Halloween, and thanks to a GOG Halloween sale, now you can save some money.

One of the more popular horror games that’s getting a discount is Blair Witch by Bloober Team. Instead of paying $29.99, you can get it for $22.49. That’s an incredible deal that won’t last long. You have just six more days to add it to your frightful collection. Considering the subject matter in Blair Witch, it seems like an appropriate title to get ready for this year’s Halloween festivities.

If you’ve ever seen a Blair Witch movie, you know that witch and cult motifs are heavily present in the franchise. They create a dark and ominous vibe that sets the tone for every character featured in the series. The official video game does a great job at keeping the series’ lore and expanding upon it in unique ways.

In this game, you’re a police officer Ellis Lynch. You’re joining a search party looking for a missing boy, who was last seen in the Black Hills forest somewhere in Maryland. The developers picked the perfect setting for this game. The woods seem very expansive, especially considering the game is shot from a first-person perspective.

The shadows and dark color pallet make you feel on edge the entire time. Fortunately, Bloober Team didn’t leave you hanging. You get to explore these ghostly woods with a dog companion named Bullet. He helps you search for clues and fight off enemies when they approach from behind. The dog’s presence certainly helps you not feel as isolated throughout the main campaign.

It’s when you reach the abandoned house when the creep factor really gets dialed up to an eleven. The imagery is pretty creepy and so are the entities you come across. Overall, Blair Witch is a pretty competent survival-horror game that has its share of chills. The farther you progress, the more mysteries you’ll unlock on the boy’s disappearance and the cult that’s been in the area.

The game doesn’t have an online multiplayer, but considering what this game achieves, it doesn’t need one. You’ll enjoy the campaign, your trusty dog companion, and the demonic threats teaming all around the forest. Buckle your seat belt because you’re in store for a psychological thriller ride.