Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Mr. Sakurai Will Hold A Special Sephiroth Reveal Event Next Week To Introduce The New DLC Fighter

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Mr. Sakurai Will Hold A Special Sephiroth Reveal Event Next Week To Introduce The New DLC Fighter
Credit: Super Smash Bros. Via YouTube

Nintendo icon Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of both Super Smash Bros. and Kirby, will be hosting a special video presentation next week to fully introduce Sephiroth into the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

The gaming community first caught word of this epic inclusion to the world’s number one fighting game when it was announced at The Game Awards in an unbelievable trailer that showed the Final Fantasy VII villain absolutely shredding through the entire Smash roster.

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Sephiroth will be the next in a series of DLC fighters that will be added to the Fighters Pass 2 DLC pack. This will be the last DLC roster expansion for the game, so a lot of attention and rumors surround every announcement.

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Of course, this addition was announced in a strange way, with a full trailer that aired at The Game Awards. Typically, when a new character is announced, Mr. Sakurai takes to the airwaves personally to do a full presentation, talking about the characters skills, outfits, and usually what their Kirby transformation will be like.

Anyone who looks forward to those “Mr. Sakurai Presents…” presentations won’t be disappointed. Nintendo has confirmed that the legendary developer will be launching a video next week that will provide a lot of details on the inclusion of Sephiroth to the Smash Bros. roster.

“The one-winged angel, Sephiroth from the @FinalFantasy series, joins #SmashBrosUltimate as a DLC fighter later this month,” Nintendo of America said in a tweet. “Tune in at 2 p.m. on 12/17 for a presentation from director Masahiro Sakurai all about the DLC fighter, including the release date.”

We learn a few things rom this.

First, we know that the Mr. Sakurai Presents… event will be coming on Thursday, December 17.

We also learned from this tweet that Sephiroth will be dropping sometime this month, and that more concrete information will be provided by Mr. Sakurai on Thursday.

It is expected that Sakurai will talk a bit about the character and go through all of his moves, many of which we got to see during The Game Awards.

He will also likely talk about the character stage, alternate costumes, Mii costumes, and more.

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Recent rumors pointed to another Square Enix character, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, as being the next DLC character for Smash Bros., after a now debunked photo appeared on 4 Chan.

It was revealed last year that Nintendo was interested in bringing Sora into the game. While Square seemed to be all about it, reports stated that Disney, who co-owns Sora and the Kingdom Hearts series, was opposed to the idea.