Starlight Celebration Has Returned To Final Fantasy 14 For Another Year, With Kwehs Of Good Cheer, Starlight Is Here

Starlight Celebration Has Returned To Final Fantasy 14 For Another Year, With Kwehs Of Good Cheer, Starlight Is Here
Credit: Final Fantasy XIV via YouTube

Holiday events and MMOs go hand in hand. Sometimes they are a massive success, other times, they flop. This is one of the more successful events as the Starlight Celebration returns to Final Fantasy XIV this year. So get ready for some seasonal shopping in the world of Moogles and Chocobos.

The event is running from now through Tuesday, December 31. Players have a chance for some new quests and festive items to show their holiday cheer in their favorite virtual world. This is also a good time to obtain some previous Starlight Celebration items from the seasonal shop.

As with normal seasonal events, certain areas with the home zones will be decked with holiday decoration and festive tunes. The air of celebration can be felt the moment you log in, giving a great place to relax and enjoy the season of giving.

The official site has guides to where you can find the holiday content. The first thing you need to look for is an NPC named Amh Garanjy, who is in Old Gridania. This is where you gain the level 15 seasonal quest, “All I Want for Starlight.”

Once you start rolling through quests, you can get a number of seasonal items all available throughout the event. You can gain the Gobbue Wreath, Starlight Roll Cake, Choir Concert Advertisement, and Starlight de Chocobo Orchestration Roll.

If you want to dress your Chocobo up for the holiday season, you can gain some special Chocobo armor. This armor, dubbed Saintly Barding, is set in traditional Christmas colors and comes complete with a fluffy hood. It is common to dress up these large birds for every occasion from festivals to battle.

Final Fantasy XIV has seen continuous support from Square Enix over the year through massive expansions. Shadowbringers, the latest expansion, has been met with positive reviews from fans. Ever since the game was relaunched as A Realm Reborn in 2013, the game’s fan base has been steadily growing. Even now there is a continuous stream of updates being added to the game with great content like Nier Automata raid in patch 5.1.

It is no secret the Final Fantasy XIV is a major income pull for Square Enix. In their most recent financial disclosure, the game is listed by name as a major contributor to their finances. The game does require players to buy a copy and runs on an active subscription model post-purchase, but for those still interested you can find a copy of it on the official Square Enix website.