Pokemon Go Holiday Event Is Now Live, New Gen 5 And Shiny Pokemon Are Available To Be Caught

Pokemon Go Holiday Event Is Now Live, New Gen 5 And Shiny Pokemon Are Available To Be Caught
Credit: Niantic

The time has come for Pokemon Go’s annual holiday event. This year’s event will be running from now through January 1. This time around, trainers all over the world will have a chance to catch some holiday-themed Pokemon, complete some new and exclusive Field Research tasks, and even add a few new Gen 5 additions to their collections.

As it is a holiday event, some special Pokemon will be making a bonus appearance. Throughout the holiday, Sneasel, Delibird, and Snorunt will appear in the wold much more often than normal. Some lucky trainers might get a chance to catch a Shiny version of Snover and add it to their evergrowing collection. This event will also be trainers’ first chance to catch Cubchoo. This adorable polar bear cub is from Pokemon Black and White.

These are not the only special Pokemon available to be caught during the holiday. Trainers may run into special holiday versions of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu. These holiday variants are collectible and come with special hats and outfits depending on which you catch.

In addition to those holiday variants, trainers may encounter another new Gen 5 Pokemon, Cryognal. This Pokemon can be found when you use Glacial Lures at Pokestops. It will appear, attracted by the cold aura. Remember, you can also hatch Alolan forms of Sandshrew and Vulpix from 7 km eggs while this event is active.

Niantic is also rolling out a set of event-exclusive Field Research tasks for trainers during the holidays. Team Rocket is also about with some new Shadow Pokemon on their teams, so make sure to adjust accordingly. There is a chance of encountering the elusive Shadow Delibird among some ambitious Team Rocket members.

Trainers will also be able to acquire new winter avatar items. Stantlar sweaters and headbands are now available in the Style Shop. There are tons of other small cosmetics that can be purchased with your Poke Coins, so make sure to check the shop while the event is live.

For those who have not heard, Niantic recently rolled out a new Buddy Adventure feature for Pokemon Go. Virizion, the Gen 5 Legendary, is still available until January 7. The first community day of 2020 is set for Sunday, January 19.

Interested trainers can always find more information about the items above, along with the holiday event on the official Pokemon Go website. For those who have not downloaded the game, it is free to play on both android and iOS devices.