Square Enix Wants To Make Weddings In Japan More Special With A Dragon Quest Gift

Square Enix Wants To Make Weddings In Japan More Special With A Dragon Quest Gift
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix wants to help make marriages more special for Japanese companies. Recently, the company has announced several matching Dragon Quest jewelry items, along with a printable marriage registration form with a matching theme.

The registration form is A3 sized and is submitted by the couple at the Ministry of Justice. Square Enix assumes that the couple knows what documents are necessary and is only providing the form, free of charge. The form is available for a limited time. The last day to download the form for use is February 1.

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The document is decorated like a Dragon Quest UI, along with two slimes that could represent the couple. On the same webpage are a list of matching jewelry for the couple. The items are specifically based on the game Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride.

Square Enix has the items available for pre-order now in Japan. The rings are modeled after the Circle of Fire and Circle of Water that appears in Dragon Quest 5. Although the rings are locked to the bride and groom in the game, they are genderless in real life. The rings are available in multiple sizes since they’re made with silver 925 material. The rings are available for pre-registration until April 10.

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The rings don’t have to be used for marriage purposes. The items can be given to a best friend or as a gift. Square Enix is currently promoting as couple rings since this is how they were portrayed in Dragon Quest 5.

If the buyer doesn’t want to wear the ring on their finger, Square Enix is selling a silver chain. With this accessory, buyers can wear the ring as a necklace. The necklace clasp also has a small pendant of a slime in honor of Dragon Quest.

The company has also announced additional jewelry items. They include a set of Dragon Quest earrings with a smiling slime pendant. There are two versions for pierced and unpierced ears.

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Previously available were liquid slime accessories. Buyers can choose from either a necklace with a liquid slime pendant or a metal ring. The liquid slime ring is free-sized with an opening at the bottom. It can’t be worn as a necklace, which is why Square Enix is offering the additional option. These items were previously released, but some lucky buyers may be able to find them now.

All of the Dragon Quest items are currently available on the Japanese Square Enix website.