Skater XL Now Has Community Mod Integration, Bringing Forth A Lot Of New Content

Skater XL Now Has Community Mod Integration, Bringing Forth A Lot Of New Content
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Skater XL is a game heavily focused on creativity. Players can express themselves in all kinds of ways with the surrounding environment and tricks they learn to master. It all feels like an immersive experience, which is aided perfectly by the realistic controls. For these reasons, Skater XL has caught on like wildfire. It gets the skating genre right in so many ways.

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This skating sim is about to let skaters get even more creative as community mod integration is now officially live across multiple platforms, including the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It has been a highly requested feature and Easy Day Studios has delivered. They knew that this addition would open things up from a customization standpoint.

With it are tons of community content, including new parks, skateboards, clothing, hair styles and tattoos. Skating has always been a sport and hobby geared around self-expression. There is no right way to skate. Only limitless potential that is in the eye of the skater. That has made it beloved by many.

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The personalization sentiment certainly comes through with all of the new community content that’s now available. Players can become the creator or the consumer, depending on their personal choice. You can pour your heart and soul into making something unique for others to check out.

If you just want to browse community collections to enhance your own personal skating experiences, that’s perfectly okay too. Either way, community mod gear and maps should open up Skater XL like never before.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you can get a sense of the goodies coming to the game in the trailer above. It looks like picking a community mod item isn’t that difficult either. After you find something you like, you can simply click on the download link and in seconds, it will be yours for the taking.

It also seems like the developer Easy Day Studios has created a pretty convenient way to browse community mods, with categories players can browse through until they find something that strikes their fancy.

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All of this is incredible news if you’ve been a Skater XL fan. If you haven’t hopped on the authentic skating train, now’s a great time. You can expect more community mod goodness from here on out. That makes this skating sim the gift that keeps on giving. It was already great, but now it highlights a shared community that gives you all the more reason to come back.