Skater XL Just Received A New Trailer That Highlights Features From Latest Update

Skater XL Just Received A New Trailer That Highlights Features From Latest Update
Credit: IGN via YouTube

There have been a lot of amazing skateboarding games to come out over the years, but in terms of realism and amazing visuals, Skater XL has taken over this sector.

Never before has skating in a game felt this good and difficult at times. If you’re not familiar, you have to control the sticks on the controllers just right when performing any sort of maneuver. Through practice and skill development, you can become better just like in real skateboarding.

The game is currently still in Early Access, but the developer Easy Day Studios has done everything to move the skating simulation game in the right direction. The full 1.0 release is currently set for July 7, but in the meantime, the developer has continued to put out updates.

A new one is currently available on Steam referred to as 0.3.0, which was just highlighted in a recent trailer. It’s bringing with it a lot of important feature updates.

One of the most notable is now players have the ability to fully customize their skateboard. From the grip tape to the wheels, players can make their skateboard exclusive to them. That’s always been an important aspect of skateboarding culture ever since the beginning.

The wide variety of options give skaters the chance to express themselves and even showcase artistic elements via their skateboard. It’s great that Skater XL now allows players to do this as well.

In terms of gameplay, there are now new transition grinds. For instance, players can roll in and out of grinds while on copings and transitions. It just makes skating in this game all the more realistic and well-rounded.

It’s great to see the developer taking their time to perfect Skater XL, as opposed to just rushing the product and getting it out before it is truly ready. They want this game to re-define the way gamers think about skateboarding and so far, they’re doing a great job and innovating this entire genre.

If you’re interested in learning about the rest of the update, you can visit the Skater XL official website. It’s still a month out from the official release, but you can just feel the excitement within the skateboarding community.

If this game is a success, then we could possibly see a resurgence in these action sports games just like how it was when the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games were all the rage. There’s never been a better time to be a fan of skateboarding games.