Gunfire Reborn Has Sold Over 1-Million Copies Worldwide

Gunfire Reborn Has Sold Over 1-Million Copies Worldwide
Credit: Gunfire Reborn Steam XO

Gunfire Reborn has been massively successful since its launch earlier this year. Players entered into a unique and thrilling gunfight experience as they pit their skills against a variety of enemies. Since its launch, the title has now sold over 1-million copies worldwide in less than a year.

This is a great change to look back at the title and see how it has performed, evolved, and impressed since its initial launch. The game comes from developers Duoyi Interactive Entertainment Limited and is a FPS RPG roguelite experience for players of all ages.

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The concept behind Gunfire Reborn is rather simple. Players control three anthropomorphic heroes with unique abilities. As they battle through the game, the rooms and enemies change providing players a fresh and evolving experience almost every time.

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Players have access to a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and occult scrolls which can increase the stats of the hero. As they fight the randomized battles, their skills improve and the battle only gets more intense.

The main reason for the success of the game is the joint cooperation between the developers and their player community. As they make changes, they weigh it against player opinion and allow the community to guide the evolution of the title. This allows content to stay fresh, fun, and relevant without the need for additional patches.

In the reviews, there is a wide array of players recommending this title. From its easy solo experience with multiplayer scaling to the open inclusion of furry heroes in an fps title, the fans love this game. Steam currently holds the title at a Very Positive status showcasing exactly what fans feel about this unique title.

Due to the success of the game the developers plan to hold giveaways through their official social media channels. They are releasing an updated roadmap later this month, and hope to show their gratitude to their loving community through several outlets.

The game will be adding a new hero, boss, weapons, and much more when it updates in the spring of 2021. Till then, players are still enjoying the Early Access version of this title with the full release scheduled for fall of 2021.

This title is good for players of all ages. The action is clean, heroes are furry, and the guns continue to spawn. Work alone or together, and take down all enemies who stand before you.

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Gunfire Reborn is available now on Steam Early Access.