ENDER LILIES: Quitus of the Knights Is Launching For PC Early Access On January 21, 2021

ENDER LILIES: Quitus of the Knights Is Launching For PC Early Access On January 21, 2021
Credit: Steam XO

The dark adventure title ENDER LILIES: Quitus of the Knights is planning to launch on January 21, 2021, to the Steam audience. This title will be sold for $19.99 and comes from publisher Binary Haze Interactive and developers Live Wire and Adglobe. This unique adventure will move for a full release in the second quarter of 2021, but until then it will live in Steam Early Access.

Graphically this is a very beautiful 2D adventure that brings side-scrolling to a new level. Explore a dark action-RPG world as you enjoy the creative and deep lore that brings the narrative together. Unravel a dark mystery, survive unique enemies, and enter the light.

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ENDER LILIES: Quitus of the Knights is the story of a kingdom that has been destroyed by a mysterious force. Players will unravel the unique mystery and travel along a sorrowful and horrific path. This is a lethal game similar to the Soul franchise that punishes even the slightest moment of inattention.

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In the strange land of the Kingdom of End, a deathly rain has begun to fall upon the land. This rain transforms all living things it touches into bloodthirsty and horrible monsters. As the realm fell into chaos, everything was destroyed and all life brought to a sudden and dark end.

That is when Lily opened her eyes. This unique journey follows the story of Lilly and her travel across the Kingdom of End. The beautiful world is mixed with a few fallen knights who desperately try and protect the last light in a dark land.

The game’s action is charged with haunting music from the group Mili. As a dark and wondering tale, this unique adventure has a very anime design from its action to the music.

There is a simultaneously enchanting and terrifying reality that is presented, and only through careful navigation can anyone hope to survive.

This is an artistically beautiful piece with each scene looking like part of a paper-doll play. The way the heroes and villains stand out from the background and the constant passive effects spread across the game give it a haunting and almost familiar feeling.

This title is probably best left for mature audiences. Although the game is cartoonish and simple, the gore and adult themes make it suitable for a teen audience at the minimum. For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website and varying trailers of this unique title.

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ENDER LILIES: Quitus of the Knights will release on Steam Early Access as of January 21, 2021. The title plans a later release on PS5, Ps4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and a full PC release later in the year.