Journey To The End Of The World In This New 2D Side Scroll Adventure Far: Lone Sails

Journey To The End Of The World In This New 2D Side Scroll Adventure Far: Lone Sails
Credit: Okomotive

It is rare to find a game that is both short and immersive at the same time. The game starts with no title screen, no options, and no controls. It just launches into the world and puts you into the seat. Nothing in this world will happen until you do something, and it quickly becomes apart that you will have to do everything to make your way across this game’s world.

The game is a lonesome post-apocalyptic adventure where you transverse the distant landscape for the only other place to go. Your time is spent admiring the scenery and managing the systems on your giant vehicle. It is similar to a puzzle platformer and a time management game mixed into a beautiful painting.

Nothing is really explained to you in this game. It takes a while, but once you work out your own system, all that matters is that your vehicle is moving. It does give you a couple of buttons you can press, giving you three prompts that teach you how to jump, pick up items, and zoom in the camera.

It truly is a game of experimentation. The design is built to push for this as there are no punishments for the wrong answer. All that matters is that you continue moving forward, at your pace.

The vehicle is full of big red buttons, and each does a different thing. There is a button for your engine, and a button for the vents, and limited fuel. It is up to you to manage the inside machinery and, when need be, dare the wasteland for fuel on the side of the road. If you remember to vent your steam every so often, you can also get a small speed boost that will help you chug along.

If you manage to keep everything moving, then you will quickly encounter ruins that block your path. If you forget to refuel you will have to walk to find some. As you continue to play the game, eventually, you fall into a rhythm, and even as the game gets more chaotic, it just becomes part of your system.

The entire game is a rather lonely experience. Many are calling it a meditative experience that you kind of just fall into a trance and complete. It is a good focus and relax kind of game that lets you enjoy the work rather than being stressed out.

This game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is being sold for $14.99 and has about two hours of playtime to complete.