Bandai Namco Celebrates One Million Copies Sold Of Code Vein, The Casual Dark Soul Experience

Bandai Namco Celebrates One Million Copies Sold Of Code Vein, The Casual Dark Soul Experience
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Code Vein has been out for roughly four months, launching on September 26, 2019, with development studio Bandai Namco at the helm of an interesting experience.  It’s like an anime version of Dark Souls, with stamina bars and souls being dropped on death.  It’s also far more forgiving of an experience than any Dark Souls title has yet to offer.  Not that it’s a bad thing, necessarily; it’s fantastic that the brutality of the Souls franchise has been alleviated, allowing a larger audience to opt-in and experience the nightmare that is fishing for drops while dodge-rolling around maps.

While Code Vein may have stumbled drastically in its first DLC outing Hellfire Knight, the base game continues to have reports of fantastic success.  Today, Bandai Namco has announced that Code Vein has surpassed one million sales worldwide.  That’s a pretty hefty number to boast, considering the decided anime style that the game appears to have adopted, from dialogue to the more…interesting choices in fashion.

While traipsing around in yesterday’s cosplay outfit while stealing blood may sound like fun, it really is.

With a veritable slew of weaponry and armor are available for players to explore, from ranged to melee, greatswords to daggers, the title also encourages players to invest their Blood into character-defining classes, that covers everything from an up-close melee berserker to a ranged specialist.  Players can switch their class at any time throughout the course of the game, allowing you to choose how you tackle whatever nefarious foes are just ahead.

While Code Vein’s base game may be doing well, many are hoping that this milestone being reached means a bit more effort will be placed behind the upcoming DLC.  The Season Pass for Code Vein is $24.99, and many feel as though their first iteration with Hellfire Knight is nowhere near commanding the $10 point it’s currently set at.  That bodes rather poorly, considering that their first DLC was likely one-third of the complete Season Pass set.

This means that, as it stands now, the next two DLC’s as part of the Season Pass (assuming that the Season Pass is the cost of three DLCs with half-off of one, as seems to be the industry standard) could likely be more of the first.  Mild reskins of items that already exist and a disappointing boss and dungeons.

Hopefully, Bandai Namco looks at the popularity of Code Vein as it stands now and brings a little more oomph to their next DLC.