Space Robinson Is A Roguelite Adventure Coming To Nintendo Switch September 10th

Space Robinson Is A Roguelite Adventure Coming To Nintendo Switch September 10th
Credit: Nintendo eShop

Indie fans rejoice as a new pixel based roguelite adventure is entering the Nintendo Switch arena. Space Robinson is a challenging game that will punish ambitious players and reward dedicated ones. Fans will be blasting away tons of different enemies as you take on a universe of evil and darkness

Enter a land of procedurally generated levels, weapons, and resource collection. The player’s goal is to survive longer each round as they take on enemies with a variety of companions. Whether you choose a raccoon, doggo, pig, or other creature each one will become a valued member of your rampaging team.

Players start after crashing into an abandoned colony overrun with hostile enemies. First priority is to survive the elements as you wield your gun and trusty wrench. Find allies inside the colony and upgrade yourself slowly into an epic space adventurer.

This game is challenging on purpose. As a Roguelite, the title focuses on death as part of its hardcore experience. Respawn infinitely as you venture out time after time to recover resources and found a more permanent base.

Throughout the game are several allies who can aid in your adventure. A loot snatching raccoon, a demon-dog hellhound, and a flying pig are all waiting to aid players in this unforgiving world. These brave animals will become your only friends in this game as you take on various forms of evil.

Watch as the procedurally generated levels present a fresh perspective with every run. Mix that with a day-night cycle and randomized challenges and players will find a unique and daring adventure. Just try not to stay out too late as new types of enemies may appear in the dark.

This game does hold a minor crafting system. Players can collect crystals, artifacts, and xp as they upgrade and craft their inventory of weapons. Repair the colony, increase your chances to survive, and enjoy an evolving challenge in this abandoned space world.

This title mixes roleplaying, adventure and action themes to craft itself into a unique roguelite experience. Fans will be able to see deeper into the game’s expected effect once the title reaches nearer to release.

Players are invited to explore the developer’s website where they can discover more details about this interesting rogue-lite adventure.

Space Robinson is planning to release on September 10 for $9.99. Players will find this on the Nintendo Switch store where it appears to be released as an exclusive title.