Flea Madness Is An Upcoming Bug Themed Multiplayer Brawler Headed For PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X

Flea Madness Is An Upcoming Bug Themed Multiplayer Brawler Headed For PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X
Credit: Steam XO

This bug themed brawler comes from Crytivo who wants to bring a fun and chaotic melee experience to fans on next-gen systems. Flea Madness puts players on a team of alien fleas who must hunt, eat, and squash enemy bugs in a battle for interstellar insect dominance.

Enter a melee experience filled with the standard game modes that will have players battle both each other and together across multiple maps. Evolve from a small flea into whatever bug suits your fancy as you dominate humanity and consume anything and everyone in your path.

This is a game of evolution. Eat, hunt, evolve, and become a king flea in a fast-paced game of multiplayer melee action. Choose your species and customize your personal abilities as you hunt and squash all your friends and enemies.

Speed a crucial element of this title as any flea who pauses to think will be devoured. Explore diverse landscapes and eat prey to gain unique powerups. Be careful though, as not everything in the environment is meant to be eaten. Decide carefully as any morsel could enhance your speed or invert your controls, you never know until you taste it.

All over each specially designed map are food-insects designed to give your flea extra abilities. Some will speed you up, other make you invisible, some may even make you grow in size. You never know the result until you chomp down and eat the unsuspecting food source.

Use the diverse landscape to hide and hunt for unsuspecting victims. Move fast and be more cunning then the other fleas, otherwise you will become food and lose your size to a much more ambitious flea.

This game immerses players into a strange new world of infinite confrontation. Eating is the meaning of life and everything around you knows that. Become the apex predator in the universe by dominating the battlefield or face your fate and become someone else’s lunch.

This game has just received an Epic MegaGrant which will allow it to move its planned debut onto PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X systems. More details will release after Crytivo finished planning their Alpha test.

To get involved be sure to join their Discord server. There, they will share information about events and how interesting players can sign up for an early chance at flea devastation.

Flea Madness is planned to release in the first quarter of 2021. The game comes from publisher Crytivo and developer Missset who are excited to welcome new players into their unique universe.