Surviving The Aftermath Early Access Is Now Available On Epic Games Store, It Is Time To Survive The End Of The World

Surviving The Aftermath Early Access Is Now Available On Epic Games Store, It Is Time To Survive The End Of The World
Credit: Paradox Interactive

A new game has been announced from Paradox Interactive. Surviving the Aftermath is the next title in their popular Surviving franchise, and it has officially launched for Early Access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Preview. Like any good apocalypse survival game, you construct and manage a colony of survivors after the world almost ends.

Resources are limited, and it is up to you to maximize production efficiency and reduce consumption to make sure your society survives the waste. You will have the opportunity to explore dangerous biomes filled with unique hazards. So ask yourself, can you survive the aftermath?

The version available on the Epic Games Store is called Surviving the Aftermath: Founder’s Edition. Like any other founder’s edition, the game comes with some pretty neat extra content. A small DLC pack is included, which gives you a statue for your camp and some unique colony flag symbols.

You are managing a colony of survivors with over 50 unique buildings to construct. You must handle every aspect of the colony from exploration to resource collection to farming. It is you against the savage unknown featured beyond your small world of safety.

The world is mean and procedurally generated. There are six different biomes, each filled with resources just waiting for survivors to exploit. Be warned though, natural dangers mixed with bandits creates a not so safe work environment for your colonists. You must stay vigilant and keep your last hope at civilization alive.

Specialists are the key to success in this game. You can recruit over 46 unique specialists, each with their own unique skills and motivations. They can automate some of the processes by managing your colony’s resources and production or going beyond the gate on scientific and scavenging missions.

This game is full of moral choices. You will not be able to control everything, but your decisions in every situation will shape the character and mentality of your budding civilization. The future is yours, and humanity’s survival is completely dependant on your expertise. So be brave and find a way to survive whatever disaster befell your world.

The game is available on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One’s Store for $19.99. It will be receiving a full launch on Steam, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. This will open the game up to the wider audience and begin a full community forward with one goal, survive. So pick up the challenge and see if you can survive all the dangers of post-civilization.