New Content Pack Added To Imperator: Rome, Punic Wars Let You Inside One Of The Bloodiest Historical Battles

New Content Pack Added To Imperator: Rome, Punic Wars Let You Inside One Of The Bloodiest Historical Battles
Credit: Paradox Interactive via YouTube

Imperator: Rome added another content, which takes gamers into one of the least known wars in the empire’s history.

For the unfamiliar, the Punic Wars occurred between 264 and 146 BC between Rome and Carthage. Here’s a brief history of the Punic Wars. The area today is where you would find a neighborhood in Tunis, Tunisia.

You might associate Punic with the term puny and dismissed the battles that took place. But during that period, it was one of the largest campaigns that Rome ever waged.

The trailer for the Imperator: Rome Punic Wars content pack tells the story from the Carthaginian perspective.

For centuries, Sicily has enjoyed the protection of Carthage. The city was founded by Queen Elissa or Queen Dido, an influential monarch, around 813 BC. But then again, Carthage really entered relevance after the fall of Tyre in the hands of Alexander the Great.

Carthaginian soldiers managed to ward off the Greek invaders. Now, Rome wanted to do the same. According to the voice-over, Carthage would never let a tyrant become a contender for Sicily. It is time for war.

What most people fail to realize is that for a long time, Carthage was stronger than Rome. Carthage had a Navy that empires could only dream about. In response to the threat, Rome immediately built more than 300 ships and dealt Carthage with a bloody mouth.

Rome eventually won the war and conquered Sicily, thanks to the brilliance and bravery of Scipio Aemilianus.

But at what cost? How would you like if Hannibal storms into your city with his scary war elephants? Because that was exactly what happened.

The Punic Wars, therefore, is the perfect platform for Paradox Entertainment to play with. Meanwhile, apart from enjoying the game, fans are treated to a free history lesson, as well.

For now, the developer has not provided any details on the Punic Wars content pack. Would there be a sea battle, the first that Rome waged during its empire? Would there be war elephants, and more importantly, can you control them?

The only information that Paradox shared is it will include new missions and music. Based on previous missions, you likely choose between Rome and Carthage. You also get a new model for a Carthaginian ship and a new model for Numidians. The Numidians are mercenaries from North Africa.

However, Imperator: Rome Punic Wars content pack still has no release date yet.