Prison Architect Is Still Free On GOG Until Saturday

Prison Architect Is Still Free On GOG Until Saturday
Credit: Paradox via YouTube

The seasonal sale at GOG is officially underway. That means a long list of discounts and freebies on a consistent basis. Kicking things off is a free offering in Prison Architect, the prison construction and management simulator from Introversion Software.

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All you have to do to claim it is visit GOG’s website and click on the appropriate link. For nothing, you can grab a pretty decent game where players get to take on the role of a ruthless warden that’s in charge of ruthless criminals.

You’ll have to make important decisions right out of the gate, such as where to allocate resources and how prison cells should be designed. The freedom gives you a lot to play around with and master. The game also does a great job at making you care about the decisions you make for each prisoner’s wellbeing.

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You’ll get to study their criminal history carefully and decide what approach to rehabilitation suits them best. Do you take an empathetic approach and try to correct their behavior with counseling or is solitary confinement more appropriate?

That’s what you get to decide in an ever-evolving prison system with high stakes. There will be a lot of tension-filled situations that possibly make you question your role in the grand scheme of things.

And when you think you’ve created the perfect prison system, you can test it out yourself in Escape Mode. You’ll switch roles and become the prisoner, using wit and timing to outsmart the prison system. Or you’ll go down swinging.

If that’s not enough, there is also an Online Mode where you have access to thousands of prisons created by players just like yourself. That gives you plenty to revisit even if you think you’re a prison escape master.

As as far prison sims go, you would be hard-pressed to find something more fun and immersive than Prison Architect. It’s an incredible deal worth taking GOG up on. You have until Saturday to claim it as your own for nothing so if you think it’s time to go to prison, act now before it’s too late.

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Throughout the month of December, you can expect more stellar freebies like this on GOG. It’s the destination to visit if you’re looking to keep adding to your collection. Look forward to a lot of variety too. That’s something fans have come to expect from a platform that is always in the giving spirit around December.