Rogue-Lite Core-Action Game Metallic Child Announced For PC And Consoles

Rogue-Lite Core-Action Game Metallic Child Announced For PC And Consoles
Credit: Metallic Child via Steam

Crest and Studio HG have announced their latest title Metallic Child. The game’s store page is currently available on Steam to wishlist ahead of its release.

Metallic Child is an action game with Roguelite elements. The title stars Rona, an android which the game is named after. The title takes place in a not-so-distant future within a space laboratory called the Life Stream.

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A large rebellion has begun within the Life Stream. Everyone on board the ship is conspiring to crash Life Steam into Earth. The only ones who have not been compromised are Rona and Pan. Rona has decided to fight against the rebels. It’s up to players to guide Rona through Life Stream by using her control device.

The player serves as the only one who can guide Rona. While on Earth, the player has access to Rona’s controls. Throughout the game, the team will meet and assist other NPCs, which all lead to learning the truth behind the rebellion and the decision to crash the ship into Earth.

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The game is action-packed and utilizes randomized item distribution. Rona will steam cores from enemies to keep her powered. Rona can hack and slash through enemies, plus use them in different ways. Rona can grab her foes, use them as shields, throw them at other opponents, or even smash them against walls as a final move.

Throughout the Life Steam are giant bosses trying to stop Rona. All of the bosses have unique skills that Rona will have to defend against. Once a boss has been defeated, Rona can obtain the boss’ skill and use them to fight against even tougher bosses.

Rona is a unique Android with emotions like a child. She is close to her creator, Irene, a scientist and also a mother-figure. Unfortunately, she learns that Irene was in charge of the rebellion, but not why. Rona tried to discover more about what led to this betrayal but was soon topped by the robots created by her “mother.”

The player has a vital role in leading Rona through the betrayal and helps her survive through the rebellion. Meanwhile, Pan, her only remaining friend on the Life Stream, helps with knowledge and as a supportive figure. After seeing what happened on the ship, Pan doesn’t trust humans, which may cause issues for the player.

More information about the game and its characters are available on the official Metallic Child website.

Although the Steam page is available now, there are also plans to release the game digitally on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The game will come in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language options.

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Metallic Child will launch on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 in Q2 2021.