PS4’s Upcoming Tamarin Just Got A Surreal New Trailer With A Weird Ending

PS4’s Upcoming Tamarin Just Got A Surreal New Trailer With A Weird Ending
Credit: YouTube via PlayStation

The upcoming indie adventure-platformer, Tamarin, just got a new “adventure” trailer – and it’s a little weird.

Through the beautifully cartoon-animated, players seek to rescue their family and stop an insect invasion. All the while they’ll explore a delightful landscape through the northern wilderness with heavy emphasis on the platforming of the game.

There’s another element that comes out of left field just as the trailer ends. The soaring music cuts out as the title screen appears, fading away to a marching army of weaponized insects armed to the teeth. Prompted by this bloodshed, an adorable hedgehog in a pile of crisp autumn leaves embraces capitalism to sell you, an adorable forest critter, a machine gun.

The trailer ends with promises of death and destruction as the cute protagonist rushes towards the camera with a smile on his face and a pistol in his hand. Militant insects in the background provide a solid backdrop of explosions.

It was certainly enough to snap some viewers out of watching a glitzy, cute world. The music shift and warlike imagery is a complete contrast to the Banjo-Kazooie-esque overworld and cartoon nature that had been there just before.

At a little over a minute long, the trailer does more to catch attention than one would expect. The question now is when the game will be released?

Currently, the game is only being released for PC and PS4. The reason for this isn’t unwillingness to branch off, but rather that the independent team doesn’t have the manpower to port it off to more systems at the moment. Whether it see releases on that system at some point currently remains unannounced.

In terms of the release date, a set date hasn’t been given yet. The website and Steam page both say to expect Tamarin for release in Q4 of 2019. As of writing this, we’re a bit more than halfway through September of 2019. Traditionally, Q4 is from the start of October to the end of December.

That’s three months for Chameleon to get the game out, but it’s a bit concerning that an official release date hasn’t been given yet. Still, as an indie team, it’s better to be vague and not let anyone down than it is to be exact and fall short of expectations.

Regardless of when the game comes out, it’ll be awaited by plenty of fans ready to march through the wilderness as a heavily armed forest critter.