More Details Released On ReadySet Heroes As Brawls And Bosses Become More Defined, Take A Look At The Challenges In Store For This October Release

More Details Released On ReadySet Heroes As Brawls And Bosses Become More Defined, Take A Look At The Challenges In Store For This October Release
Credit: Robot Entertainment

After you are done running the dungeon crawl, all heroes come together in an all-out brawl. This brings all the players from the various maps into one space to compete in one of five objectives. These act as both battlefields and objective-based boss battles as players duke it out for victory in the arena.

With October 1 coming quickly and the game launching on multiple platforms, more details are rapidly being revealed. It is time to sharpen those blade, ready your potions and prepare for the battle to come in ReadySet Heroes.

Snail Race is one of the five modes that could be encountered. Although Snails are not known for speed, these snails are different; they are racing snails. Each team gets their snail and the snail that travels the furthest wins. You will need to speed up your snail though to achieve victory. Berry bushes are the key to success as you must smack them to grab berries and motivate your snails.

If racing is not your style, there is always hockey. Walrus hockey is all about feeding sushi to a giant walrus. Each team has their walrus and must battle against each other to send the sushi flying across the lake into their walrus’s mouth. Whoever feeds the most sushi to the walrus wins the match. Sabotage your opponents and may the most well-fed walrus be declared the winner.

Aside from mini-game style challenges, there is also bosses to be faced. You have less than ten minutes in a match to defeat enemies, navigate dungeons, and find loot. If you are quick enough, you will even take on a boss. The PlayStation Blog covered some of their favorites which include the Nekomancer, Olek, and a mysterious third snakelike villain.

If you are so unlucky to find yourself inside the haunted graveyards, then you may encounter the Nekomancer. This undead fiend will halt your progress and assault you with her skeleton minions. If you make it through her army of the damned, then you must battle her as she swings a massive scythe and creates walls of ghostly fire in your way.

Olek is a much more frontal attack boss. He spins around the level pulverizing anything that gets in his way. Not only is he a close-range threat, but he also uses his arms as cannons to blast energy at you from afar. This giant stone boss is found guarding the woodlands and is not polite to intruders upon his nature haven.

Although not much is known about the third boss, the developers promise that many more are on their way. This game is meant to be semi-competitive, and exciting boss fights is part of the fun. If you are interested in this game, you will have a chance to play it on October 1 for PlayStation 4 and PC.