SimplePlan Games’ Survival: Lost Way Now Available On Steam Early Access

SimplePlan Games’ Survival: Lost Way Now Available On Steam Early Access
Credit: Survival: Lost Way via Steam

Publisher and developer SimplePlan Games has launched Survival: Lost Way through Steam Early Access. The game is an open-world sandbox MMO where survival is the main focus.

The game is still early in development, which is why the developer is seeking player feedback. The developer hopes to improve the game during the Early Access period, which is planned for around 12-18 months.

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The game is only available in single-player mode, but players will get to craft, build bases, fight, mine for resources, and hunt for different items and weapons.

Survival: Lost Way takes place 20 years after the outbreak of a deadly virus in a post-apocalyptic world. There are almost no people left, and the player is lucky to have survived. If players want to remain alive, they’ll have to build a house, explore the area, overcoming thirst and hunger, and defend against dangerous humans and animals alike.

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Survival: Lost Way will have a variety of content available during Early Access. They include new NPCs, transportation, maps, crafting recipes, items and weapons, a variety of game mechanics, and Steam achievements.

Other game features that will be included overtime include an offline mode, multiplayer, and first-person view while building and crafting. Zombies may also be included in the future.

The game will contain six languages during Early Access, which include English, French, German, Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese, and Russian. These languages are for the interface only, and there’s no audio or subtitles at this time.

The Early Access price will be small at first. As the game continues throughout development, the price will increase as new content is added. The developer has several plans for the game, but not everything will make it into the Early Access edition. Some features will have to wait until the game has been officially launched since the Early Access will focus on resolving bugs and polishing existing content.

The developer is also answering questions in the Steam Discussion forums but will have a Discord channel available soon. There is currently not much information about the game available on the Steam page because it is still in development, but players are already leaving feedback and reviews.

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Survival: Lost Way is now available through Steam Early Access.