Yes, Fall Guys Is Coming To The Xbox Series X/S And Xbox One In Summer 2021

Yes, Fall Guys Is Coming To The Xbox Series X/S And Xbox One In Summer 2021
Credit: DevolverDigital

Fall Guys, the indie sensation of 2020, is arriving on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles in the Summer of 2021. After massive success on PlayStation and PC, those who haven’t had a chance to play the game yet can pick it up on Microsoft’s consoles.

At its peak, Fall Guys was played by pretty much everyone on Twitch, with viewership numbers in the millions. It was a breakaway indie hit for Devolver Digital and MediaTonic. Its Twitter account was another hit, forming partnerships with different franchises to introduce their themed skins to the game.

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I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already encountered Fall Guys in some way or another, but here’s a quick recap of what the game is all about: 6ft tall (yes, terrifying) blobby Fall Guys compete in a Total Wipeout-esque Battle Royale, with one player emerging as the victor by collecting the Crown at the end of the final round.

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The Xbox release may well rejuvenate some of those player numbers that have been dipping recently, mostly due to the emergence of Among Us as another surprise indie hit in late 2020. Current numbers on Steam hover around the 10k mark, which means there are still plenty of games available to jump into.

Fall Guys continues to receive regular seasonal updates and the game is currently in Season 3.5 which introduced a new level, made changes to 40 of its already existing levels, and a bunch of new cosmetics.

There is no sign that Fall Guys is going anywhere, with more updates planned throughout 2021. The Xbox release will likely see some more changes to the game as well as some Xbox-themed cosmetics, inevitably.

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Just a few weeks ago Xbox announced they had no plans for the game on Xbox Game Pass, although they didn’t mention that the game wouldn’t be arriving on the console at all.

What this does mean is Fall Guys won’t be a part of the Game Pass offering – even though it seems like the perfect game for it – and will release at full price, around $20.

Now that Sony’s exclusivity rights to the game – which saw the game available for a year on PlayStation before other console platforms – have ended, alongside the Xbox release, Fall Guys is also arriving on the Nintendo Switch in summer 2021.