Are You The Fallen One? Fall Guys Developers Release Special Costume For The Best Player, But No One Knows Who It Is

Are You The Fallen One? Fall Guys Developers Release Special Costume For The Best Player, But No One Knows Who It Is
Credit: Devolver via YouTube

Fall Guys has been an internet sensation over the past week. It beat League of Legends LCS as the most-watched game on Twitch, had multiple million downloads across PC and PlayStation, and has one of the best accounts on Twitter right now.

But there is one mystery in the community right now. It was announced yesterday that the developers gave the best Fall Guys player a special unreleased costume, but no one knows who it is.

Even the studio doesn’t know who the Fallen One is.

Twitter has gone crazy in the search for the world’s best Fall Guy player, but no one has yet to come forward and announce that they’ve received the skin.

It’s not even clear what exactly is meant by “best Fall Guys player”. No determiner has been set out by the devs, but it’s likely to do with the most wins or the best win ratio.

There have been multiple articles across the internet and even the hashtag #TheFallenOne has been trending on Twitter.

If you happen to log-in and discover the special skin in your inventory, you’re the Fallen One.

It has been confirmed that it is not a cheater, and that the developers have information that shows them the player was last online as recently as yesterday.

However, the developers don’t have the data which shows them the username of the player. They can’t make the announcement – they’re waiting for the Fallen One to step forwards.

The problem is that if the player doesn’t step forwards soon, their identity will be lost forever. This special costume goes live for everyone later today.

Fall Guys continues to grow in popularity although the community is asking for changes to the game and for the title to come to Xbox or Switch.

A recent patch for Fall Guys included changes to the timer of some game modes, including Tail Tag. They also removed back-to-back team games.

Thanks to the combination of great Twitch viewership, excellent social media marketing, and a charming little game, Fall Guys continues to dominate the video game market this summer.

Oh, and why don’t you check if you’re the Fall Guy champion? You’ll find a unique skin in your inventory!