Minecraft Combat Test 8B Is Now Playable As Mojang Continues To Tweak With PVP Mechanics

Minecraft Combat Test 8B Is Now Playable As Mojang Continues To Tweak With PVP Mechanics
Credit: Mojang via YouTube

Minecraft‘s constant tweaks continue in the background, this time with the newest combat test snapshot. This comes as part of a wider reworking of the combat mechanics in-game.

There have been several test snapshots already, although 8B does return some of the previously removed mechanics – such as eating interruption and bow fatigue.

These balance changes are focused mainly on the PvP side of Minecraft. Mojang, and specifically Jens, are working towards making PvP more balanced and more fun.

In the previous combat snapshot (7c), eating interruption was removed when players were hit during combat. This meant players could eat even while in the middle of a fight. The eating interruption has been added back for this snapshot.

Similarly, bow fatigue has been reintroduced. This is the mechanic where players can only hold the bow back for a certain amount of time. This won’t start for three seconds.

The new combat snapshot also focuses widely on combat balance changes.

First up – weapon enchantments will now be included in the base damage of the weapon with an impact on calculating potion effects and critical damage.

Cleaving will add an extra point of damage per level, set now to +2/+3/+4 making this a more viable option.

The instant effects of tipped arrows are now scaled at a rate of 1/8 – this is brought in line with other status effects.

As a result of this balance change, Strength I and II on a weapon will now offer 20%/40% damage increases rather than the base arbitrary numbers of +3 and +6.

Healing potions have been buffed to heal for 6 points for the level of a potion, rather than 4. This will boost the healing potential in a fight.

Likewise, liquid foods (like stews, honey, and milk) can now be consumed faster than normal – 20 ticks, rather than 32 or 40 depending on the food type. Potions can also be drunk faster, down to 20 ticks from 32.

As well as a number of balance changes, one or two bug fixes have also been sorted out. Shield protection arcs are back working as they are supposed to, and server-side registration of hits should be improved.

No more fake hits!

This is the latest combat snapshot and presumably not the last. You can check the Reddit thread above to find out how to download and playtest the snapshot.

Every tester helps! Mojang is working closely with the community response to the snapshots to build a better PvP experience. The next phase of playtesting will involve difficulty (mostly the power of mobs) in-game as further tweaks are made.