Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Now The Most Played COD Game Of The Current Generation

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Now The Most Played COD Game Of The Current Generation
Credit: Infinity Ward

On Thursday, Activision announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which launched for the Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 this past October, is already the franchise’s most played game of the current console generation.

In a press release by Activision, the gaming publisher confirmed that the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare relaunch is ahead of all previous titles in terms of total hours played, hours per player, and average daily players. They also claimed that the game is the top-selling premium game of 2019, as it’s made more than $1 billion worldwide.

Following the press release, Activision provided some numbers to help back up their claim, revealing that 500 million multiplayer hours have been invested by the game’s player base. In terms of how much gameplay that is, well, it works out to just about 300 million completed multiplayer matches.

Byron Beede, who is Modern Warfare’s general manager, said the following after Activision revealed that the game is the most played Call of Duty title of the current generation.

“It’s great to see the fan response to the hard work from our development teams led by Infinity Ward.”

The game’s success will likely continue to grow in the coming weeks and months, as Infinity Ward is constantly working on adding additional content to the game. Rumor has it that they’re even working on a 200-player battle royale mode, which will be added to Modern Warfare in January of next year.

Also, there was an unconfirmed leak that showed the map for the rumored battle royale mode, which was a combination of multiplayer and spec ops maps. The map is gigantic, which you’d probably expect in a mode that is rumored to be capable of hosting 200 players.

Infinity Ward recently released an update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which brought back the traditional Gunfight mode. In addition to that, a game mode called Crank, which was featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts and Infinite Warfare, where players have to get kills rapid succession or their operator will explode and die. The mode is directly inspired by the action movie Crank, hence the name.

It looks like all of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s post-launch content will be free to download, except the battle pass, which can be purchased for $9.99. The pass, which features 100 levels of progression, grants players unique items, skins, and weapons for completing challenges, and for progressing through its leveling system. However, most rewards won’t have an impact on gameplay.