For Better Or Worse, Console Developers Have Very Different Visions Of Where The Gaming Market Is Going In 2020

For Better Or Worse, Console Developers Have Very Different Visions Of Where The Gaming Market Is Going In 2020
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

It is the end of the decade, and as we move forward, things are beginning to look very different for a variety of reasons. Each gaming console is starting to focus on new things and branch out in unexpected directions, and the PC wars have just started between Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Ultimately, things could turn out being better than they ever have been for gamers, but we will only be able to figure that out as time moves forward. One thing we can understand, however, is that the different gaming console companies each have radically different visions of the future, and those visions might end up diverging in the future.

For example, take a look at the Nintendo Switch. The gaming console is designed to be portable, to be able to play on big screens and to have some easy functionality with playing with others. The best part about the Switch is that it takes the best parts of the Nintendo Wii and all of the best Gameboy systems and combines them into one awesome console.

That means that Nintendo wants to continue to have game systems that allow its players a full range of functionality in their day-to-day lives. This is dramatically different from PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems, which are all designed for more power and capability.

Then there is the latest Xbox Series X, which looks more like a computer than it does an old gaming console. It seems that the new Xbox Series X will be trying to tap into raw power in its system. On the other hand, the PlayStation 5 will likely try to be focused on tactile function with its controllers and the ability to more easily access multiplayer systems and check out what is going on in the various games at the gamer’s disposal.

In the PC world, there is some uncertainty regarding developers and the price points for video games. Lately, Epic Games has been offering exclusives in a bid to defeat Steam, which makes a lot of sense. But it could end up being that these gaming stores will start to offer discounts instead, which will then push more costs onto developers. That could be bad for the video game industry.

And we can’t forget about the emergence and development of augmented reality/virtual reality. These things could change the way we play games forever.

One thing is for sure, all of these systems will hopefully keep improving and providing new and exciting gameplay for years to come.