Apex Legends Season 6 Has Already Received Its First Patch Featuring Changes To The Insanely Powerful Devotion

Apex Legends Season 6 Has Already Received Its First Patch Featuring Changes To The Insanely Powerful Devotion
Credit: Respawn via YouTube

Apex Legends Season 6 is well underway. The first small patch, which was introduced as a snappy hotfix by the Respawn devs, mostly handles concerns with the meta so far.

By far the most concerning aspect of the new season, pointed out by professional players and streamers across the Apex Legends community, was the Devotion.

Thankfully, there has been a change.

The Devotion, as you’ll know if you’ve played Apex Legends over the past two years, is a powerful energy LMG with a high fire rate and crazy DPS.

For the past few seasons, the gun was found only in Loot Packages after being deemed too powerful to remain in the standard loot pool.

Surprisingly, at the start of Apex Legends Season 6, the Respawn devs decided to simply put it back into the loot pool with hardly any changes at all.

Combined with the meta-busting changes to armor health, the Devotion was quickly announced as completely and utterly broken.

This quick hotfix was brought in quickly to quell dissent in the community. The patch reduces the damage of the Devotion by one tick (17>16) and increased recoil at long-range.

There will also be fewer Devotions and Turbochargers found lying around the map, although the patch did coincide with the hilarious inclusion of the gun, a level 3 energy mag and a Turbocharger inside the new Replicator (crafting) drops.

These are, according to the Respawn Trello development board, are momentary changes. The Devotion will continue to be looked into as the season progresses and they can gather more data on the gun.

Another issue addressed by the patch was what one dev on Reddit called “an interesting bug”. This was basically an almost ridiculous amount of gold helmets, bags, and particularly Gold Knockdown shields dotted around the map.

You only had to play one or two games or ranked to understand the frustration with every team having one or two gold rez shields.

The patch also includes some hotfixes for known bugs, including some issues with Rampart’s new Amped Walls. There was also a funny glitch with Bloodhound’s elongated neck while using Sheila that has now been resolved.

Apart from these small issues with the meta, the new season has been praised by the community. The map changes to World’s Edge are pretty great – they make the map much more fluid – and the server performance has been remarkable compared to previous seasons.