Red Dead Online’s Most Recent Update Includes 3 New Solo Missions

Red Dead Online’s Most Recent Update Includes 3 New Solo Missions
Credit: Tony StrongStyle via YouTube

Red Dead Online has been a great source of new content for players that had their fill of Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the best games of 2018. Even after players experience the thrills and twists of the base game’s main storyline, there is plenty of exciting action to enjoy online.

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Rockstar has continued putting out updates for it since its first introduction to the PS4 and Xbox One back in May of 2019. This portion of the game would go on to receive a standalone experience in December of 2020, showing just how popular this online western experience was and continues to be.

These last couple of months though, Rockstar has focused a lot of time on updating GTA Online so Red Dead Online took sort of a backseat. Thankfully, the extended dry spell is over as Rockstar just put out a new update. In it are three new solo missions.

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These types of missions really haven’t had a huge presence ever since Red Dead Online first launched, but it looks like the developer is looking to change that. These latest solo missions are just one of several that are planned throughout the year.

It’s nice to see the solo missions having a lot of variety too. They also are repeatable. The more you play them, the more difficult they’ll get. This is an interesting design choice that should give returning players plenty to mess around with.

If you’re just looking to enjoy them to experience new content and possibly earn some worthwhile monetary rewards, then that’s an option too. Either way, it’s good to see Red Dead Online get some meaningful updates as of late. Things have been pretty sparse for the loyal fanbase due in part to Rockstar’s shift to GTA Online.

They certainly came back with a bang and so far, the community seems to be taking well to the new missions. Let’s just hope they keep coming on a pretty consistent basis because that would really go over well with the fans.

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You can check out a greater breakdown of each of the new solo missions on Rockstar’s official website for the game. All in all, there appears to be some good substance to them as well as diversity. And the fact that you can replay them for added difficulty certainly sounds appealing, even just to challenge yourself after a couple of successful attempts. If you’ve been absent from Red Dead Online, maybe these new missions can get you back.