Even More Content Update For GTA Online Including An Amphibious Vehicle And A Lucky Wheel Spin

Even More Content Update For GTA Online Including An Amphibious Vehicle And A Lucky Wheel Spin
Credit: Rockstar Games

For the year 2020, Rockstar Games has been generous in terms of content for its current player base. Yet another content has been updated for Grand Theft Auto Online, including an expensive brand new car, a Lucky Wheel, and unique Twitch Prime benefits.

Just less than 24 hours after the New Year, Rockstar Games gave new content to unlock. The Rune Zhaba Amphibious ATV is the jack-of-all-trades for vehicles of all land surfaces. “Big, tough and relentlessly aggressive, the amphibious Rune Zhaba is the jacked-up bullfrog of off-road vehicles,” the blog post reads. Described that it can travel through land, mud, swamp, or even the beach, it is now available for a pricey $2.4 million in-game.

Players, needless to say, are itching to get a hold of this never-before in-game vehicle, which rationalizes its hefty price tag.

For those who enjoy a game within a game, the Red Dead Redemption 2 developer has The Lucky Wheel as part of the Diamond Casino Heist update. Fans can spin their fortune in-game once a day for free. The wheel includes the major prize of a customized Pfister Comet Safari. The rare vehicle has the added Yuletide finesse with its “It’s a Wrap” getup. Other consolation prizes comprise of in-game currency, clothing, and more cosmetics.

As part of the content update, Rockstar Games is including another batch of discounted properties and vehicles. Real estates incorporate the Penthouses, Penthouse Add-Ons & Renovations, Nightclub, Nightclub Garage, and Nightclub Renovations all at 35% off.

To add to your car collection, among the chosen ones to be discounted are the Progen Emerus (Super), Western Rampant Rocket (Cycle), Übermacht Zion Classic (Sports Classics), and the Enus Paragon R (Sports) at various discounts.

As the Take-Two Interactive-owned company continues to incorporate Twitch Prime to its Rockstar Games Social Club, this update’s benefits include a chance to obtain the Pixel Pete’s Arcade property in Paleto Bay for free after a rebate after 72 hours of purchase. An additional 10% discount to the purchasable items mentioned above will be accessible for those who linked their two accounts. Just make sure to link your Twitch Prime account to Rockstar Games’ social app.

Just during New Year’s Eve and Day, the New York-based game developer has given the multiplayer universe more reason to rejoice 2020. The classic car Dewbauchee JB 700W Sports Classic has been weaponized and is available for purchase from Warstock Cache & Carry. Players also welcomed the New Year care package that included Firework Launcher, 20 Firework Rockets, and Snacks and Armor.

Over at Twitter, fans are rejoicing at the blog post’s sense of humor. It reads, “Look; we get it: new year, new you and all that.” Players are also split on the Rune Zhaba’s appearance. For some fans, it is “ugly-looking” while some appreciate the game developers still trying out new items for their community.

Even on this recent Twitter update, GTA lovers are still raging on just about any word for the 6th installation of the franchise. The latest leak from the supposed employee of Rockstar Games reveals a massive map.

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