Red Dead Online As A Standalone Title Is Now Available

Red Dead Online As A Standalone Title Is Now Available
Credit: Hazard via YouTube

Red Dead Redemption 2 has had a pretty successful run thus far. Rockstar elevated the series with a massive open world and compelling story, with plenty of missions and engaging content for players.

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Red Dead Online included in this experience hasn’t received the same warm welcome, unfortunately. Much of the frustration has come with its in-game currency, which relies on gold bars. Many feel the payout for completing daily challenges is nowhere worth the time that’s put into them.

Even still, Rockstar was set on making Red Dead Online a standalone title for players that want to play strictly multiplayer. It’s now officially available on a couple of platforms for those that want to see what it has to offer, including Steam, Epic Games Store, and the Rockstar store.

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Right now, it’s currently going for a low $4.99. This is just an entry price — mind you — and it will go up more in February. Does this low price justify everything that Red Dead Online includes? That’s a tough question because going back to the reviews, they have been pretty mixed.

Even though a lot of the negatives have been brought up by fans, there are some redeeming qualities that might get certain fans of the series excited. For example, there are some that actually might like the grindy nature. There is also a heightened level of excitement playing in a Western world with others.

Things can break out in chaos without warning, which tends to keep online players on edge as they try to go about bounties or enjoy some of the leisure activities like hunting and fishing. Many have also enjoyed the character customizer as it lets them express themselves in ways that just aren’t possible in the base game.

It seems like Rockstar is using the small price point as a way to gauge the temperature on Red Dead Online as a standalone experience. Some will undoubtedly be put off by the grindy nature and economy structure, but others might actually enjoy the online world that the developer has created.

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If you’re on that side of the fence, then now is a good time to act before you’re paying much more in February. You’ll also get to enjoy the latest expansion, which introduces a lot of new things for the Bounty Hunter class — including new weapons and resources. That might also get fans of the series to bite while the price for this standalone experience is relatively low.