Battlefield 3 Is Currently Free To Claim Through December If You Have Prime Gaming

Battlefield 3 Is Currently Free To Claim Through December If You Have Prime Gaming
Credit: Electronic Arts France via YouTube

One of the arguable best iterations of the Battlefield franchise is currently being offered free if you already have Prime Gaming.

This would, of course, be Battlefield 3: it’s Battlefield before helicopters were nerfed for Battlefield 4, with a heft of brilliant maps (Caspian Border and Operation Metro alone are maps that simply have no equal) with simple and unadulterated Battlefield combat, for better or worse.

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As long as you have the service that comes with Amazon Prime, now called Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), you can pick up the title for free; precisely how good of a deal this is, likely depends on the eyes of the beholder, however.

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It’s true that Battlefield 3 has very fast attack helicopters and one hell of a collection of maps.

Yet the current Prime Gaming offer only includes, as per the FAQ Amazon offers, the base title of Battlefield 3 with none of the DLC that resulted in the classic fragmented multiplayer experience that would see the player base spread across multiple maps with five separate DLCs added into the foray.

One of the DLCs was free for a limited time, being the Close Quarters DLC; Electronic Arts similarly offered all Battlefield 4 DLCs as free to claim for a limited time that only worked if you weren’t a subscriber to the service now known as EA Play; if you were, you couldn’t claim the DLCs at all in a strange case of what seemed to be EA’s schadenfreude.

The good news, if you’re chomping at the bit for a time when DICE was more readily calling the shots (this is all before the strange reality that was Battlefield: Hardline), is that the Premium upgrade for Battlefield 3 is marked down from its standard $40 to a current $10 on Origin, where the title key will need to be claimed if you’re jumping in this.

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With a limited population in the modern-day, and Electronic Arts continuing to struggle with server browsers being usable (much less helpful), some may be a bit miffed regarding the precise value being offered by Electronic Arts with this promotion.

If you haven’t tried Prime Gaming, you can get a free 30-day trial which will also allow you to grab all of the available loot (currently ranging from APEX Legends skins to Battlefield 3) and dive in risk-free.

If you already have it, and somehow missed what some consider to be the unfortunate end of the Battlefield franchise, then you can do far worse with December than this.