Red Dead Online Is Getting A Dead Of Night Mode This Week, Just In Time For Halloween

Red Dead Online Is Getting A Dead Of Night Mode This Week, Just In Time For Halloween
Credit: Indo-J via YouTube

If you’ve had the pleasure of playing the first Red Dead Redemption, you know how incredible the expansion was called Undead Nightmare. It brought forth new content in the form of zombies.

The game was already solid with its plentitude of content, but the zombie-themed expansion was a real treat that helped many gamers ring in the Halloween season in style year after year.

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a while now, many thought it was a forgone conclusion that they would get a second Undead Nightmare expansion. Alas, nothing has materialized and that’s a real bummer because Halloween is just but a week and some days away. Fortunately, Rockstar wasn’t going to leave its loyal fans hanging.

In Red Dead Online, a new mode called Dead of Night is being added this week for players to check out. It’s just in time for Halloween and although it’s not a full fledged Undead Nightmare expansion, it’s better than nothing.

It’s essentially a PvP mode where teams compete to take out a gang of the undead. In addition to going after zombies, players also can take out their human opposition. It seems like a fitting mode to check out this October, especially if you’ve longed to go toe to toe with some zombie opposition.

A whole bunch of other Halloween content is planned for the month as well, including the introduction of legendary panthers and a chance to check out the Halloween pass. It costs approximately 15 gold bars and should you buy it, you have a lot of Halloween-themed content to look forward to.

This October has been a pretty good month for gamers looking to get their spooks and thrills in. It’s good to see Rockstar taking part in the festivities. Dead of Night looks like a fun mode to check out, especially if you want a taste of what could be in store for Red Dead Redemption 2 players.

It’s still not out of the question that we could get an official sequel expansion to Undead Nightmare. It just seems like Rockstar is looking to keep details on it pretty close to their chest. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get it when the PS5 or Xbox Series x launch later next month.

Or, maybe next Halloween will be a better release period for the developer. Here’s to hoping Rockstar can follow up Undead Nightmare with something perhaps even more special and frightening.