Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Find And Capture The Legendary White Arabian Race Horse

Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Find And Capture The Legendary White Arabian Race Horse
Credit: Rockstar via YouTube

In <a href="http://“>Red Dead Redemption 2, if there’s one thing that is well known about Arthur Morgan, it’s that the man loves his horses. After losing Boadicea sometime before the beginning of the game, the position as Arthur Morgan’s steed becomes available as soon as you’re able to claim your own horse.

One of the best steeds in the game is the White Arabian. The White Arabian is a rare coat for the Arabian breed and can only be caught in the wild. The White Arabian is also the only horse in the Elite category that can be caught in the wild instead of having to be purchased. This is great because taking the time to go and catch it can save you thousands of dollars.

To catch the White Arabian, you’ll need to find it. First, head north — way north. It can be found on the Northwestern side of Lake Isabella in the Grizzlies West. Fast Travel to Strawberry for a good head start.

Keep in mind that since this location is way in the mountains, you’ll need to pack some warm clothes. The Western Gunslinger outfit that Arthur wears at the beginning of the game is perfect for traversing the snowy wastelands of the Grizzlies West. If you don’t go prepared with the proper clothes, it can drain your health and stamina, making it harder to catch the White Arabian.

Once you’ve equipped the proper gear, head to the snowy banks of Lake Isabella. The White Arabian, unlike other horses, is a solitary creature, preferring to travel alone rather than with a herd.

Now, there are two ways to capture the horse: a stealthy approach, and a fast approach. In order to approach the horse stealthily, you’ll want to get close enough to study the horse. Scent away will make you harder to detect. Once you’ve studied the steed, an option to calm the horse with the square button will appear. Calm it until you get the option to Pat the horse, after which you’ll get an option to mount it.

The other option is the fast approach. Ride as fast as you can towards the horse with your lasso at the ready. When you’re next to the horse, lasso it. While continuing to hold the lasso, approach the horse and mount it. From here, both approaches are the same. You’ll just need to break the horse. Use the left thumb stick to guide the horse in the towards yourself and in the opposite direction that it is bucking.

For example, if the horse begins to buck to the right, pull back on the stick at the same time that you push the stick left. All the while, you’ll need to be mashing the square button to calm the horse. This horse is catchable without any upgrades to your stamina, and is well worth the time.

This legendary horse boasts an impressive +6 to both Speed and Acceleration, with Health and Stamina bars naturally at half max capacity.

Be sure to move your saddle over and register your new steed at the stables.

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