PlayStation Plus Games For December: Worms, Explosions, And More Explosions

PlayStation Plus Games For December: Worms, Explosions, And More Explosions
Credit: Steam

With November coming to a close, Sony has revealed the three games coming to PlayStation Plus for December, which also happens to be the last three PlayStation Plus games of 2020. Be sure to grab November’s games Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition – while you still can!

Sony is saying goodbye to 2020 with a trio of games, all available to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. Starting Tuesday, December 1, players can grab Worms Rumble, Rocket Arena, and Just Cause 4. Plus, Bugsnax will still be available for PlayStation 5 owners.

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Rocket Arena is a 3v3 multiplayer shooter that was released back in July for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It’s a family-friendly outing that lets kids get a piece of online shooter action. Check out the trailer above to see what it has to offer.

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Worms Rumble is the newest game in the long-running Worms franchise, which dates all the way back to 1995. The previous entry in the series was 2016’s Worms W.M.D., so this is a sequel four years in the making. This will actually be the game’s debut, as it releases simultaneously on both Sony consoles and Windows PCs. 32 player cross-platform combat! Wacky weapons! Absolutely zero limbs!

Just Cause 4 is the third sequel to the 2006 original title and the third game in the series to become available through PlayStation Plus. Players once again step into the shoes of special agent Rico Rodriguez, as well as his wingsuit. In addition to the grappling gun, this time around players will also get a wind gun, lightning gun, and whatever else the folks at Avalance Studios have cooked up.

There’s a new emphasis on wind and weather events, which affect the player’s ability to fly. You can also just straight up drive into a tornado if that’s your thing. If it isn’t your thing, why not?

The Just Cause series has never been known for its narrative, acting, or really anything other than its action, but it really delivers on that action like no one else.

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As stated above, all three games will be available to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners on December 1. The promotion will run until Jan 4, 2021.

What do you think of PlayStation Plus’s final offerings of 2020? I’m holding out hope that Worms Rumble will be good, but I’m definitly prepared for disappointment. At least Just Cause 4 will let me drown my sorrows in explosions.