Worms Rumble Will Be Free To PS Plus Members When It Launches In December

Worms Rumble Will Be Free To PS Plus Members When It Launches In December
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Worms Rumble is the next installment in the iconic turn-based strategy series, only this time, players will get to look forward to a real-time format. It’s a novel direction the developer — Team17 — is taking with this latest installment and one that makes sense. You have to innovate in the gaming industry or get lost in the shuffle.


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If you’ve been excited to get your hands on Worms Rumble and its new format, you may not have to pay a thing. That’s because this arena-based combat game will be free in December for PS Plus members. It’s a great strategy from the developer.

It gives them the chance to receive some positive PR, all while highlighting what Worms Rumble is capable of delivering from a gameplay standpoint.

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PS Plus has been a pivotal membership where subscribers can score huge with freebies. Very rarely do new titles get put on the platform when they first release, so Worms Rumble being completely free for PS Plus members is worth celebrating. It may be enough to get new subscribers to the platform too.

If you decide to take Team17 up on this amazing offer, you’re in store for some intense battles as you get to master both old and new weapons. You have classics like the machine gun and rocket launcher, but there are new offerings that should bring even more novelty to the Worms formula.

The developer is also giving players the chance to choose between two different modes. You have the 32-player last man standing mode, which works like the iconic battle royales you’ve probably heard of before like Fortnite and PUBG.

You also have a classic deathmatch to enjoy if you want to play in teams. The diversity out of the gate should make this Worms installment stand out. It could even go down as one of the more well-received installments in the series.

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It’s still a little too early to tell, but all things are moving in the right direction. And if you have a PS Plus membership, you won’t have to pay a dime to add it to your collection. That’s the great thing about this platform.

PS Plus helps you build up a sizeable collection in no time, as well as give you the ability to save on major AAA titles. It’s good to see Sony continuing to push the platform and give members worthwhile deals and games.