Outbreak: Epidemic Is A New Survival Title Headed To Nintendo Switch

Outbreak: Epidemic Is A New Survival Title Headed To Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Dead Drop Studio has announced that its survival horror game Outbreak: Epidemic is available on Nintendo Switch. After being released on Steam, this title is headed to a new audience on the popular portable Nintendo platform. Prepare to survive a fearful end of the world experience as you interact with an endlessly repayable experience.

The game is able to run due to the power behind the deceptively small console. The game is fully functioning on the Nintendo Switch with all content and game modes. Prepare to experience horror in both portables and docked modes. This title is fully optimized for the console’s portability and touch screen capabilities.

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Outbreak Epidemic is a four-player coop experience from Dead Drop Studios LLC. This game combines classic gameplay with epic enemies in a unique horror experience. Survive the epidemic and enjoy the classic experience of zombie apocalyptic nature.

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Enter into a horror adventure filled with fixed camera angles, instanced rooms, and restricted savings. Survive in a nightmare environment as you deal with the zombies and horror that appear at every turn.

Experience a nationwide epidemic as you travel across a survival horror gameplay experience. This is a tough as nails horror experience that mixes a next-generation horror engine with a difficult experience.

Enjoy split-screen co-op horror as you play on both Windows and SteamOS. This game combines classic mechanics with co-op difficulties in a low-latency environment. Utilize several firearms and melee weapons as you battle against an ever-growing horde of the undead.

Experience the epidemic firsthand through a unique story experience. If story is secondary to your game, experience an onslaught mode with the first-hand fight against an endless horde of undead. Bonus modes offer a chance for a unique twist on the traditional horror experience.

The game does come with multiple difficulties allowing players to try and balance the fun versus the overall challenge. Try and survive, but if needed, reduce the game’s difficulty and enjoy the ride.

This game has tons of blood, gore, and mature themes. The more difficult the experience, the more the true horror of this title is released into the world.

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Outbreak Epidemic is available on Steam and Nintendo Switch for the price of $9.99. This title is very reminiscent of the Resident Evil franchise as if it was an online multiplayer experience. Enjoy a deeper perspective as this game comes with additional DLC and extra bonus content ready to be discovered.