The Sandbox Game Ylands Just Left Steam’s Early Access Program; Is Now Completely Free

The Sandbox Game Ylands Just Left Steam’s Early Access Program; Is Now Completely Free
Credit: Ylands via YouTube

If you like survival and open sandbox games, then you’re going to love Ylands. It has a very Minecraft feel in the way you use your creativity throughout the game. It has been in Steam’s Early Access program for quite a while, but it just left. To celebrate, the developers at Bohemia Interactive are making it completely free. Thus, if you haven’t had the chance to get your hands on this game, now’s the perfect time.

You’re in store for a creative adventure, where you’ll get to use a powerful editor that makes use of visual scripting. It opens up your creative possibilities. You can start by building a small structure and then after some time with the software, you can create an entire game. The possibilities are endless, which is why so many keep coming back to this game after their first experience.

Ylands also does a great job at emphasizing shared experiences. The moment you get done creating something magical, you can upload it to the community server and let others see and play with your creations. That’s a huge reason to stick around with the title, especially if you’re not competent enough to create masterpieces with the editor just yet. You can see what other gamers did and draw inspiration from their works. Ylands is the gift that keeps on giving.

If you’re really good at using the editor, then you actually have the ability to monetize your creations with in-game currency. It’s fun to see the fabulous structures that gamers create, but even more amazing are the mini games fans have created. There are a bevvy of options, from delivering pizzas to mini golf. You can do it all in Ylands, which gives this game so much value and re-playability.

If you’ve never played Ylands before, there are plenty of tutorials to get you started. This way, you don’t feel like a fish out of water when trying to navigate the editor system for the first time. You can even make connections in this game to learn more about the editor tools. Who knows? You may forge a long-lasting relationship that yields some amazing creations.

It’s great to see the developers offer this limitless sandbox experience for free. It just goes to show how excited they are about this game leaving Early Access. They want as many gamers as possible to experience its fun mechanics and unique architecture.