MrBeast Has A Bizarre Minecraft Survival Challenge That Will Give The Winner $10K

MrBeast Has A Bizarre Minecraft Survival Challenge That Will Give The Winner $10K
Credit: MrBeast Gaming Via YouTube

Minecraft YouTubers, like PewDiePie and Dream, have lead to the revival of Minecraft on YouTube’s platform, this increase in interest on Minecraft has led to a substantial rise in Minecraft’s player base.

This has raised Minecraft’s active monthly player base from 126 million to close to 132 million, which is a huge increase that has only helped the Minecraft community get new and innovative players to look a Minecraft.

MrBeast, or Jimmy Donaldson, is a YouTuber that usually does challenge videos that have large cash prizes that incentives the contestants to continue for the longest amount of time possible. At the same time, MrBeast would go around and “Interview” the remaining players. On MrBeast’s main (Non-gaming) YouTube Channel

On MrBeast’s gaming channel, he released a video of another crazy contest, this contest focused on Minecraft and saw the players on Sky-High mini islands with the last one standing getting the prize.

This arena had a total of one hundred tiny sky islands with limited resources, and the island comes with two buckets of water and two buckets of Lava inside the chest.

In addition to that, the island features a single tree meaning player will not only have to act fast but be very careful with any tree sampling that ends up dropping.

The goal of the game is to be the last one standing, and while many have played this type of game before, Jimmy’s friend Chandler was the first to go.

Chandler didn’t even last a minute into the challenge, and he was knocked over the edge after players began building bridges to each other’s islands to fight. Sadly, Chandler will not be receiving the price at the end of this challenge, but he can enjoy watching the rest of the players fight and struggle.

As he often does, MrBeast then decided to start interviewing the remaining players when there were just ten players left. But the interviewee sadly made a single issue and fell to their death even while the other players were pleading with the player to not Pay attention to him.

The player, Bitterlimey, ended up being the challenge winner, this means he wins the prize of a $10,000 gift card to Taco Bell. In MrBeast’s own words, that they’ll “able to eat Taco Bell for free until they die.”