YouTubers Dream And GeorgeNotFound Have Created A Way To Have Damage In Real-Life When Damaged In Minecraft

YouTubers Dream And GeorgeNotFound Have Created A Way To Have Damage In Real-Life When Damaged In Minecraft
Credit: Dream Via YouTube

Minecraft YouTubers have been creating various ways to experience Minecraft, including Redstone creations. Still, Minecraft YouTubers, Dream, and GeorgeNotFound have created a way to experience the pain from taking damage in Minecraft in real-life.

Since Minecraft player base has begun to climb considerably during the quarantine, allowing the total monthly players raising from 126 million to close to 132 million, many have turned to these Minecraft YouTubers in a way to get inspiration and ideas for their Minecraft world!

Many creations don’t have any real-life effects, except creations that you can show off to friends like how the YouTuber Fundy, using Redstone, was able to create a working version of his desktop in Minecraft. Allowing him to not only play Minecraft in Minecraft but also to edit videos and watch various YouTube channels all while still being in the game of Minecraft.

To do this, GeorgeNotFound used an Arduino and an electric dog collar, which is attached to the player’s arm. The dog collar, thankfully, typically doesn’t go offer whenever you get hurt in Minecraft, but thanks to GeorgeNotFound and Dream rigging together the two systems.

The Arduino is a simple single-board computer that can take in inputs and then convert them to output. These boards have seen use in a lot of projects over the years, but this one may be the most interesting yet, converting what is normally just a bit of damage in Minecraft to actual pain. This may make the game seem a bit more real to the players in a very painful way.

Everything the player loses half a heart, they take an electrified shock to their arm, which Dream, the more mischievous of the two, uses to his full advantage.

The first to try out this brand new invention is GeorgeNotFound, and while at first, he takes it in stride, as he continuously gets shocked, he slowly becomes more and more paranoid to the point that normal falls. Falls that wouldn’t result in any damage, seemingly become more daunting.

Not only falls but also enemy encounters, which he normally is calm, cool, and collected, send him into a panic as he is terrified about getting another shock. This may significantly deter other players from attempting this same setup due to the large amount of pain that Dream and George were in.