Paratopic Is A First-Person Horror Game Headed To Nintendo Switch Later This Year

Paratopic Is A First-Person Horror Game Headed To Nintendo Switch Later This Year
Credit: Steam XO

The award-winning indie horror experience, Paratopic is leaving Steam and is headed for Nintendo Switch. This game is a low-polygon experience in PlayStation-style graphics that brings fans back to a simpler time in horror gaming. Experience a leisurely adventure around forty-five minutes long as you enjoy the subtle details in the low-poly world.

Travel down an alley through an unmarked door and enter a world that looks similar to real life, but not exactly right. This is an amazing nightmare creation that takes advantage of outdated tools and presents players with a deep horror experience.

Players must smuggle contraband VHS tapes across the border as they take part in the remnants of an illicit industry. Prepare for assassination, strange nightmarish encounters, and more into this retro-3D horror experience. Experience a cursed fever dream of unique content.

Paratopic is an experimental horror experience that was named one of the best games in 2018 by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Enter a horror world filled with a narrative that will take you through a cruel and dark fever dream world.

Explore multiple vignettes each detailed in its own strange way. Unravel the stories of three characters as their tales intersect in strange and unusual places.

Enter the world of a forbidden industry as you kill and drive through the night. Find yourself in strange places and have conversations with some very strange and spooky individuals.

Players are sure to enjoy the strange horror experience. Even for those who don’t, the game is only forty-five minutes long so they won’t have that long of experience to suffer through. Enjoy the purposefully graphically downgraded experience that gives the game the needed edge for success.

This title includes over an hour of dark and ambient music that has won several awards for its immersive tones. Its a blend of modern and outdated productions giving it a haunting feeling of 90s Unreal Engine soundtracks.

This is a surreal horror adventure that provides a short yet unforgettable experience. Enter a dark world and try to understand all the nuanced horror found in Paratopic.

Paratopic is available on Steam for $5.49. The game will be ported over to Nintendo Switch as of August 21, 2020. The game is expected to be released for the same launch price as the Steam release holding all the same charm as it had back when it released in 2018. Experience horror in a new lens mixed with critically-acclaimed ambient music.