JD Gaming Snatched First Place In LPL’s Summer Split After Taking Down BLG In Week 8

JD Gaming Snatched First Place In LPL’s Summer Split After Taking Down BLG In Week 8
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

JD Gaming took down Bilibili Gaming in a clean 2-0 sweep in the LPL’s Summer Split.

Mid laner Zeng “Yagao” Qi was crucial in both of JDG’s wins, playing phenomenally with Le’Blanc in the first game and Azir in the second game.

The first game was the Yagao show. He took over the game with Le’Blanc, completely stomping BLG’s mid laner and then roaming for the entire game to help his side lanes.

While BLG got some crumbs in the form of one Ocean Dragon, it was non-impactful in the long run since they were too far behind in gold. After a 32-minute brawl in which JDG came out ahead with their 22/4/47 scoreline, they closed out the game.

The second game was much closer than expected from a top team against a 12th-placed team. BLG played much more coordinated and drafted a better composition. JDG’s experience was too much for the BLG squad to handle in the end. Thanks to a superior macro play, JDG were able to close out the series in a convincing 2-0 fashion.

This win put JDG in first place in the LPL Summer Split standings. While the start of the split was quite poor, the Spring Split champions bounced back towards the end.

JDG triumphed in the last international tournament, Mid Season Cup. They knocked out the emerging korean DragonX roster. With this loss, DragonX join Damwon Gaming and T1 as the third LCK team to be eliminated from the online League of Legends tournament.

The second half of the day was unexpectedly rough for DragonX, especially after they took down both Invictus Gaming and Gen.G earlier today. This loss represented their third defeat in a row after losing to JD Gaming and Gen.G in the games prior to their final tiebreaker match.

This game was all about the top side difference for JDG and DragonX. Zoom became a monster for JDG as the game progressed, while DRX’s Doran had no impact on the game state with his Akali.

The early game started off decent enough for DRX after the team played around Chovy’s Sett in the mid lane. But as the match progressed, it was clear that JDG’s team composition was far superior to their opponents.

Once JDG’s team scaled, DRX slowly did less and less damage. By the end of the game, for example, Zoom was an unkillable machine that simply ran at his enemies and trampled them underfoot. He finished the game with five kills, seven assists, and no deaths.