JDG Secured A Much-Needed Win Against Dominus Esports In China’s LPL Summer Split 2020

JDG Secured A Much-Needed Win Against Dominus Esports In China’s LPL Summer Split 2020
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

JDG got back to their winning form today against the last-place LPL team, Dominus Esports.

Mid laner Zeng “Yagao” Qi and ADC Lee “LokeN” Dong-wook received the MVP votes after their performances on Sylas and Aphelios, respectively.

While the first League of Legends game in this series was a huge stomp, the second one was much tougher for JDG, putting doubt on whether they can challenge the top-tier teams in the LPL Summer Split.

The first game was the LokeN show. He produced a ludicrous performance on Aphelios, leaving no hope for the DMO squad. He got an early advantage during the laning phase with the help of his jungler and crucial engages from his support, which he used to become a monster that DMO couldn’t deal with.

With a fed Aphelios, JDG became unstoppable and secured all neutral objectives. They ended the game win with a kill per minute.

The first game was quite passive with both League of Legends teams refusing to make proactive plays. Objectives were traded left and right and neither team stood out as a clear contender for the win. But then JDG got a couple of picks, which allowed them to snowball their lead.

After securing vision around Baron, JDG went to take the all-important buff. Suning tried to stop them but failed. JDG secured the Baron and went on to finish the game.

The second game was a mirror of the first with both teams playing passively early on. After some proactive plays from JDG, though, the game turned into a traditional LPL bloodbath. Both teams kept trading kills and objectives, but JDG always came out on top. After securing two Barons and Mountain Dragon Soul, JDG pushed into Suning’s base to finish the game.

The second match was much closer than expected after DMO adapted their draft to the Aphelios pick from JDG. They kept him under check and didn’t feed him like they did in the first game. After establishing good dragon control, JDG came out ahead regardless and finished the game.

JDG’s next match is against Rogue Warriors, who are in 16th place in the standings. You can tune in to the official Riot Games LPL channel on Sunday to see if JDG can maintain their winning ways and get back to their previous form of the LPL Spring Split champion or if they will fail to achieve the needed victory.