FunPlus Phoenix Achieved Victory Over Team World Elite In LPL’s Summer Split 2020

FunPlus Phoenix Achieved Victory Over Team World Elite In LPL’s Summer Split 2020
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

FunPlus Phoenix bounced back today after a shaky start to the 2020 LPL Summer Split by taking down Team WE, ending their winning streak with a 2-1 victory.

The world champions won a hard-fought first game after Team WE secured a huge lead early on. But FPX played much better in the second and third games of the series.

Team WE were on point in the first game, showing mechanical prowess on their champions, but fell short of closing out the game with the lead they accrued. Even though they had dominant teamfights around the dragon and Baron pits, that wasn’t enough to secure a victory.

Tian was on fire in this series with his clutch Smites, securing the needed objectives to keep FPX in the game even though they were initially behind on gold and experience.

The second game was the opposite of the first, with FPX achieving an early lead but failing to maintain it and losing objective after objective. Even though they had Kayle in the top lane, who’s a monster as the game goes by, it wasn’t enough to take down Team WE.

The game basically ended when Team WE secured vision around the Baron and FPX went to contest it. They were wiped off the Rift in moments by Team WE.

After equalizing the series, the momentum was in Team WE’s favor. Going into the third game, both teams adapted their pick and ban phase, denying comfort picks from their opponents or picking them away.

In the last game, FPX’s support Crisp stepped up by picking Nautilus and landing crucial hooks throughout the game. He started during the laning phase and secured a consistent gold lead for his ADC, then continued landing them as the game went by to take towers, dragons, and the Baron.

Team WE had no answer for this, dying one by one to FPX’s superior teamplay. In the end, they faltered as FPX grew too huge of a big lead and ended the game.

FPX will have two major challenges next week. They’ll have to face both Invictus Gaming and eStar. They’ve been looking strong recently, so FPX will need to overcome a huge obstacle to defeat them.

You can watch FPX play their next match on the official LPL broadcast channel to see if they can come back from a poor start of the split and reach the top of the standings.