Mojang’s Upcoming Game Minecraft Dungeons Nearly Became A Nintendo 3DS Exclusive

Mojang’s Upcoming Game Minecraft Dungeons Nearly Became A Nintendo 3DS Exclusive
Credit: Minecraft via YouTube

Minecraft Dungeons, the new game from Mojang, almost didn’t get a widespread release.

Based on the video clip on the origins of the game, it was supposedly a 3DS exclusive. Minecraft Dungeons is a huge departure from your usual game. For instance, there is no building and mining involved, and you could not destroy blocks.

Instead, the game’s format is a dungeon crawler in the likes of Diablo III, Baldur’s Gate, and Legend of Grimlock. You will embark on an adventure, go on some quests, as well as collect weapons and gems. You do not have to worry about a class system but look out for those traps. The dungeons and the monsters are randomly generated.

You will also face an enemy called Arch-Illager.

Jens Bergensten, Mojang CEO, said that they were looking for something to serve Nintendo 3DS users. They initially decided on a Minecraft-type game. That was their mindset going in.

He said they experimented with different concepts before they decided on a dungeon-crawler style.

Game director Måns Olson said the dungeon crawler game resonated with them because they all loved the genre. Also, it was an opportune time to also experiment with the potentials of Minecraft. Specifically, he said they want to explore the “combat aspects” of the game.

During the recent Minecon 2019, Mojang dropped more info on the new game. Reportedly, it will have a drop-out and drop-in co-op. The difficulty level will automatically adjust depending on the number of players. There would also be spells and other enchantments that players can use throughout the game. The levels will be randomly generated. The spells are amazing, which borders on the ridiculous. As PCGamesN reported, you can use a spell to summon a battle llama to help you win a match.

The game is patterned more after the Diablo series more than Minecraft. So, it will be a whole new experience for long-time Minecraft fans.

The story is about a normal villager who turns out to become Illager after finding an artifact with evil powers. He would be your arch-enemy in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons will have an estimated release date of Spring 2020. There should be more information that will come out soon as the release date draws near. It will arrive on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and macOS. You can play with up to four users or go on a solo campaign.