Minecraft Mobs Explored: Wolf, A Man’s Best Friend Or A Man’s Worst Enemy!

Minecraft Mobs Explored: Wolf, A Man’s Best Friend Or A Man’s Worst Enemy!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is a game that has seen the massive success that has seen a boost in its popularity as its active monthly players have gone from 126 million to 132 million during this pandemic. Many new Minecraft players are enjoying the updates and the various features that Minecraft has to offer.

These features include the large variety of mobs that the player can either befriend or eliminate while roaming around their Minecraft world.

The Minecraft Wolf features are neutral by nature, which means that they won’t attack the player on sight like the Ravager’s hostile mobs.

The Minecraft Wolf has two different health points; when untamed, the Wolf has just eight health points or a total of four hearts. This allows the player to kill the wolf if it begins to attack them easily, but the wolf rarely spawns alone, primarily in a pack of four.

The larger numbers make any player pause before attacking due to the number of enemies they would have to face. When on the easy difficulty, the wolves attack will do a heart and a half of damage; on normal difficulty, the wolves will do two hearts of damage. The wolves on the hardest difficulty will do a total of three hearts or six health points.

While alone, a single wolf is easily able to be taken care of, a pack may bring many players to the respawn screen.

When killed, a wolf will drop one to three experiences orbs, which isn’t the best way to use wolfs to gain experience; if the player breeds two wolves, the action brings one to seven experience orbs.

The wolves have three different modes; one mode is called Wild. Where the Wolves have a drooping tail and gray fur and are ultimately neutral towards the player but attacks rabbits, foxes, and various mobs, which includes sheep.

The second mode that a wolf can be in is Angry; this mode sees the wolves growling and have a fearsome appearance. In this mode, the wolves will attack any player or mob attacked a wolf in its pack.

The final mode is Tamed; this mode sees a red collar around their neck and sees their tail reflect their current health. These collars can be dyed to the specific player’s preference.