Paradox Vector Is A Unique Geometry Experience Headed From Early Access To A Full Steam Release

Paradox Vector Is A Unique Geometry Experience Headed From Early Access To A Full Steam Release
Credit: Steam XO

This unique vector-based shooter is planning to move from Steam Early Access to a full release. Paradox Vector is developed by Schmidt Workshops and so far has enjoyed a positive reception from its Early Access community. The full release is scheduled for October 15th giving fans only a few more days of Early Access content before launching in full.

This title is a first-person shooter that is stylized by Doom, Quake, and Half-Life. Enter into a unique land of impossible geometry as you experience a strange land of vector graphics. This is truly a unique title as the design and experience bring back a vector theme not seen in a very long time.

Enter into a maze of impossible design as you fight the Ancient Ones. Paradox Vector will put players into unique situations where they must take on a first-person Metroidvania experience. This title really is inspired by the 1980s game design style, but it payers as a modern game should.

Vector graphics are best known for their sharp lines, contrasting colors, and unique aesthetic. This title takes from a long-forgotten design and remixes it into a unique wireframe experience.

Still, this is a unique open-world experience despite it limited design. Enter into a unique minimalistic world that is filled with adventure, puzzles, and challenges. Find new weapons, unlock upgrades, and interact with a unique open environment.

One major inspiration for this title is the art of M.C. Escher who created impossible environments. This is an action game set in a puzzle environment that will create hallways that lead into infinite space.

There is a free preview of this title available and the game is currently out in Early Access. Interested fans need not look far if they are hoping to try and experience the unique design built into this negative space.

Once the game launches in full fans are expecting lots of new content, upgraded systems, and an overall cleaner experience. Changes are good and when a game officially makes the jump to a full release its thanks to all the fans who had backed it up until that point.

For more information be sure to explore the developer’s website. There is sure to be screenshots, videos, and helpful information regarding the details to this unique title.

Paradox Vector is available on PC for $9.99. The game will be launching into a full release and out of early access as of October 15th.