Steam Is Having A Free-Play Weekend For The First-Person Action Game Vermintide 2

Steam Is Having A Free-Play Weekend For The First-Person Action Game Vermintide 2
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Steam is one of the best platforms for PC gamers looking for free offerings. Sometimes, games are given away free forever and then other times, Steam opens up its doors to gamers for a free-play weekend. The latter is happening for the first-person action game Vermintide 2. Thus, if you’re looking to see what this game offers with hopes of possibly purchasing it later, Steam seems like the place to be this weekend.

This sequel improves upon the original in every major way, from the way the levels are designed to the co-op gameplay. Playing with a group of friends taking down evil threats never grows tiresome. There are always quests to go on and sights to see in these forsaken lands.

What players have loved so much about this sequel — in particular — is the visceral combat. It’s one of the most brutal melee systems that you’ll ever see. You can literally do anything up close and personal. Spearing enemies in the face for a brutal blow is possible. So is slashing away at an opponent’s gut with a sword.

If you’re looking for an authentic combat experience that strips away modern resources in favor of those that are more archaic and gruesome, then Vermintide 2 is worth checking out over the weekend. You’ll be hooked with your very first sword slash.

To have success with enemy encounters, you’ll have to time your blows perfectly. Opponents can land just as much damage, so you’ll need to have your guard up and have a counter waiting. A well-timed blow may be fatal, which just immerses you in the ground-breaking action.

Even the areas you’ll explore with your squad or solo are breathtaking. They have a gloomy aesthetic, which makes since given that this game’s setting is the end of times. Do you have the courage to brave these epic melee battles or will you fold under the pressure? You can find out right now. Steam has a tendency of opening up their free-play weekends a little earlier in the week, which is great for PC users waiting anxiously.

If you end up liking the game, then you’ll be able to save 70%. That’s a pretty incredible deal for the realism and fun action that this game provides. It’s one of the best co-op experiences in the action genre and there are plenty of ways to augment your character as you progress. Who knows what sort of epic battles you’ll see?