Party Panic Has Been Ported To Xbox One Adding Another Console Into Its Chaotic Party Enviroment

Party Panic Has Been Ported To Xbox One Adding Another Console Into Its Chaotic Party Enviroment
Credit: Steam XO

Party Panic has ported onto Xbox One making it available to a new audience of players. This completes the ports allowing Party Panic to be enjoyed on every platform. Enjoy a local and online multiplayer experience that will bring players together and tear friendships apart.

This game is silly, cheap, and worth a party. Experience randomized mini-games that will test friends’ abilities. Embark on wacky challenges of skill and luck-based encounters to rack up points and score against local or online opponents.

Prepare to panic in this online party game where players compete against friends in a board game environment. Take on over thirty rapid-fire minigames as you compete in challenges across Trophy Island. This title even comes with a built-in drinking game making it a unique and interesting experience for party people to enjoy.

Players must power through over 30 unique mini-games that will challenge a wide variety of skills. Fight over gems, play football, chase chickens and more. The developers continuously add more challenges to this game allowing it to be an evolving party experience.

Play with up to four players as you enjoy the local and online play. Players can all play on one system, or play on separate systems, or mix and match among the options. No matter the case, this is an experience best enjoyed with friends.

When friends are not available, practice your skill by playing with Bots. This allows players a chance to have a party at any time. Choose between three difficulty levels and enjoy a challenging party experience in this solo play option.

This game has other modes including the Gauntlet and Board Game mode. The gauntlet challenges players to run through brutal obstacle courses in an attempt to survive. Meanwhile, the board game variant will allow players a chance to roll dice, move pieces, and play mini-games in a more formal style.

Players can learn about the many different Goobers and dress them up with silly hats and costumes. This game allows some level of customization opening new options with even level. Gain XP, unlock new outfits and enjoy a unique experience.

This game even comes with a built-in drinking game allowing any fan to turn the party into a different kind of party. This is an optional experience for fans who enjoy a drink or two.

Party Panic is now available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC spreading this game across several platforms. Enjoy this unique party environment from Everglow Interactive on your favorite platform.