Worms Rumble Is Set To Release On December 1st

Worms Rumble Is Set To Release On December 1st
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

At some point playing video games, you’ve probably come across the sensation that is Worms. Light-hearted and addicting, the series is all about besting your opponent with well-timed attacks.

One by one, you try to take out enemies until none remain. This recipe has been replicated in so many installments over the years and the series is still going strong.

The next installment is changing things up, though. Worms Rumble is a battle royale title that features real-time cross-platform combat. The battle royale space has really thrived these last couple of years so seeing Team17 take their stab at the genre really isn’t that surprising.

A new trailer just came out for it that gives us an official release date. That is December 1st of this year. Just around Christmas, fans of the series can check out its departure from a tried and true turn-based combat design and try their hand at some competitive shooting action.

The game — as mentioned before — features cross-platform support so players won’t be limited to who they can play with. PC and console gamers can go at it to see who really is the superior worm.

Like most other games in the battle royale space, players will have to be quick on the trigger and gain access to the right weapons if they want to be the last worm standing.

At launch, two modes will be available. You have your traditional Last Worm Standing where 32 players will compete head-to-head until there’s just one. Then you also have a Deathmatch. Team17 wants to give players different experiences out of the gate and that’s refreshing to see.

As far as the weapons that will be available at lunch, there is a good variety like the weapons in the classic turn-based installments. You have big bazookas and long-range weapons. The developer also is planning to unveil a lot of new weapons with new mechanics. That should keep fans of the series constantly engaged in novel combat action.

The Worms series is beloved by many and you can’t really blame the developer for keeping the same elements game after game. Worms Rumble is differentiating itself early on and that could pay off for the developer.

It will be intriguing to see how new and returning fans take to it when it releases just after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X release around holiday season. Worms Rumble seems like the perfect party game for both systems.