The Metroidvania Puzzler Supraland Hits The PS4 On October 22nd

The Metroidvania Puzzler Supraland Hits The PS4 On October 22nd
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Supraland is a unique blend of Zelda, Metroid, and Portal that debuted back in 2018 for PC. Getting compared to either one of these games is a pretty noteworthy feat, so the fact that it has been likened to all three lets you know how fun of a game it has been for players thus far.

Now after two years, Supraland is making its way to the PS4 according to an official release date trailer that released on PlayStation‘s YouTube channel. It will be available on this console starting October 22nd.

The trailer shows what’s in store for PS4 users and that’s first-person open-world exploration. The land that you get to navigate as a red-stick figure is teeming with vibrancy and personality.

You can tell this was a passion project for the developer Supra Games. There is just so much to do and see for players looking to let their imagination really run wild.

In terms of the combat, it looks like one of the more fun aspects. You can go around shooting opponents with laser canons or get up close with some sword action. The developer has clearly given you a bevvy of tools to use at your disposal and that brings forth a lot of fun moments.

When you’re not beating up foes that cross your path, you’ll be doing a lot of puzzle-solving. For example, some areas are up high and you’ll have to figure out what actions and objects to use to access them.

The developer doesn’t hold your hand in this regard, which gives Supraland a little bit of difficulty that’s not too challenging. Those new to this genre should be able to pick this game up and enjoy the platforming elements right away.

Moving throughout the areas is where Supraland really shines. Every area you unlock is a chance to access new resources and learn a little bit more about the game’s story. However, there is a minor focus on storytelling.

Rather, the developer wanted players to really go out on their own and create their own magic. It’s a great idea that makes Supraland feel like it has a lot of freedom and limitless potential.

Now that it’s coming to the PS4, you can expect it to soar back up the charts and get the community buzzing. If you haven’t had the chance to play it, the traversal system, combat, and fun physics will keep you entertained for hours.